Pedal Powered Design

5 Sep

Cycling was king this week. It was the subject of a postcard I’m designing, and the theme of a gift for a friend.

I’m working on a postcard for a party in SF to benefit YBike——the Presidio YMCA bike program, and have been using Adobe Illustrator to do vector drawings of all things bike: symbols, wheels, treads, and more. Look for some samples in a future post.

I also went to a b’day party for my friend, Nate, who’s an avid cyclist, and instead of gifts, everyone was asked to bring a homemade spoke card. As a kid, I used clothespins and baseball cards, stuck in the spokes of my wheels, to make noisemakers, but couldn’t imagine that serious cyclists did this. So, I did some research——and found that graphic design plays a prominent role in bike culture: cyclists often put printed cards in their spokes to identify themselves and commemorate races.

Each project influenced the other, and in fact, I ended up doing a draft for the postcard, where the spoke card was the concept.

Research played an important part in both projects, helping me to solve the problems, learn about the content I was working with, and come away knowing more than when I started.


One Response to “Pedal Powered Design”

  1. Ben Kessler September 8, 2010 at 10:17 am #


    I’m intrigued! This is a very cool glimpse into your creative process. I’d love to see the finished postcard when it’s ready.

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