The Wright Type

23 Sep

It may not come as a surprise that Frank Lloyd Wright created tables and chairs for the homes he designed, but did you know that he also designed typefaces?

Last weekend, I visited the Graycliff Estate, a FLW house on Lake Erie, in Western NY, near Buffalo. Wright is famous as brilliant architect, who had a very healthy ego, and who considered the design of any element related to his architecture. On the excellent tour I took, I learned that he would often visit Graycliff, and rearrange the furniture if it had been moved by the owners from where he had intended it to be placed.

What I also learned is that Wright even designed the type that would be used for some of his presentations. The P22 Type Foundry has several of the typefaces that Wright designed, including Exhibition, which was created in 1931 to accompany his drawings and models. Based on his lettering style, it uses simple, geometric shapes, with thin lines that allow for large counters, and create an open, airy feeling.

For more information on Frank Lloyd Wright, visit the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation site at


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