10 New Year’s Resolutions for Graphic Designers

31 Dec

I, (your name here), resolve that this year, I will:

  1. Create and apply styles in my InDesign layouts
  2. Kern my display text
  3. ALWAYS use typographer’s quotes
  4. Reduce waste—and save money—by printing on both sides of a sheet of paper
  5. Shrink my carbon footprint—and save money—by turning off and unplugging my computer when it’s not in use
  6. Recycle my e-waste so it doesn’t end up in a landfill
    (Go to GreenDisk.com for an easy and affordable solution.)
  7. Thank my clients who are great to work with
  8. Not use Photoshop filters as the substitute for a concept
  9. Do one creative thing, even if it’s coloring with crayons, just for the fun of it
  10. Be thankful that I can do something I love, even if it sometimes frustrates me

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