Gianni’s Insight

29 Jan

Insight, By Gianni Lopergolo

I was very saddened to hear that Gianni Lopergolo, a schoolmate, passed away this week after a long battle with ALS, commonly known as Lou Gherig’s Disease.

A few years ago I was introduced to Gianni’s beautiful book, Insight, and also learned the sad news that he was sick. We both graduated from Marlboro High School, and I was surprised that I never knew he was a photographer, since artistic students usually crossed paths in such a small school. Gianni’s vision is impressive, and the images in Insight, created for Hasbro, revolutionized the way the company photographed their products. The book, designed by his wife, Alex, is sponsored by Hasbro to raise funds for the National ALS Association, its Rhode Island Chapter, and a fund for Gianni’s three young sons, Matteo, Marco, and Massimo.

Insight is much more than a showcase of Gianni’s photography. Its power comes from his thoughts on his love for photography, how his art helped him cope with his illness, and how his imagination helped him enjoy his family’s future while he could. Personally, I’m grateful that his work allowed us to connect, however briefly. I didn’t hesitate to promote Insight on his behalf to faculty at photography schools, which he hoped would use the book in their courses.

In the dedication of Insight to his family, Gianni writes, “I hope you will have no regrets in life and that you will find this book a source of inspiration and passion.” It’s in this spirit that I’m posting his story, with deepest sympathies to his family and friends, and hope that you will find as much inspiration and passion in his legacy, as I do. Rest in peace, Gianni; I’m thankful that your suffering is over.

Action Sailor
Airforce Special Forces
Joe vs. Cobra


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