Shave Your Grass

22 Jun

In Germany, a few strategically placed tears, in a few strategically placed beach towels, result in an award-winning stunt by BBDO for Gillette, to remind people that they might want to do some grooming before soaking up the rays. The unbiased message wasn’t just for the frauen; männer were reminded that some manscaping before donning a Speedo wouldn’t hurt, either. More, after the jump.

BBDO Gillette Beach Towels

A Campaign in Germany by BBDO, for Gillette razors, cleverly uses the environment as a medium in its message.

What makes this campaign brilliant is that the message—buy our razors to remove your unwanted hair before exposing your body in public this summer—is communicated without showing the product, and by utilizing the environment in which the piece is viewed. By printing silhouettes of sunbathers on the towels they would likely lie on, cutting the cloth in the areas of the illustration where body hair would grow, and then placing the cut towels on lawns, the grass poking through is transformed into unwanted hair for viewers. Add the appropriate logo of the razor being marketed to each gender, and the entire piece becomes a 3-D outdoor advertisement.

For the story that inspired this post, check out Gillette Beach Towels Not-So-Subtly Remind Us To Invest In Razors This Season at The Huffington Post.


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