Healthcare Hope for Indy Workers

2 Dec

In Healthcare for a Changing Workforce, published by The New York Times, there’s some exiting news from Sara Horowitz and Freelancers Union. Workers in several states could have options for healthcare coverage, but opposition to healthcare reform is strong, and the time to let Washington know where you stand is right now.

I’m a Board Member of Freelancers Union, which has applied for Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) loans under The Affordable Care Act. A new type of nonprofit health insurance company, the CO-OPs would be run by their customers, and bring options for coverage to people who are currently uninsured in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Oregon and Washington.

While this is a hopeful development for Indy Workers in these States, it’s important to remember that there is strong opposition to healthcare reform on Capitol Hill, and in fact, arguments against the Constitutionality of the law will be be heard by The Supreme Court in March of 2012.

Indy Workers need to tell Washington that the American Workforce is changing, and that we expect the support of our legislators. To find out if your representatives support or oppose healthcare reform, visit US Senate and US House of Representatives, where you can also share your thoughts with them.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the current legislation, and the opposition from the old guard, the new American Workforce can be a fairer one, but only if we come together to help make it that way.


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