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Two 2018 American Graphic Design Awards

6 Dec


I am proud to have won two 2018 American Graphic Design Awards from GDUSA Magazine. The winners are features from ADDitude Magazine, and this marks the eleventh consecutive year that I have been a recipient.

Roughly 10,000 entries were submitted, and highly selective 10% of projects were recognized with Certificates of Excellence. Receiving multiple awards is rare. My entries will be published in the printed 55th Anniversary Design Annual, the Website and Mobile Showcase, and downloadable Digital Edition.

Thank you to the Editors and Judges from GDUSA, as well as to Susan Caughman, New Hope Media’s CEO and ADDitude Editor-in-Chief, Wayne Kayln, ADDitude Editor, Ron Anteroinen, ADDitude Art Director, and all of my colleagues on the ADDitude team.


New Work: ADDitude Summer 2017 issue

2 May

Some work from my latest issue as Contributing Creative director of ADDitude magazine.

New Work: ADDitude Spring 2017 issue

7 Feb


The cover and two features from my second issue as Contributing Creative director of ADDitude magazine.

New Project: ADDitude

26 Oct ADDitude Magazine, Winter 2016 cover
ADDitude Magazine, Winter 2016 cover

The cover of the ADDitude Winter 2016 issue.


First spread of a feature on children with ODD.


Opening spread of a feature on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

I’m pleased to be working on a new freelance project as the Consulting Creative Director of ADDitude magazinePart of New Hope Media, ADDitude is the premier media network dedicated to providing authoritative, in-depth information coupled with practical, real-life solutions for families and individuals impacted by attention deficit and learning differences. The Winter 2016 issue is my first and will soon be arriving to subscribers, physician’s offices, schools and special educators, newsstands, and other places where ADHD families turn for help. I find great satisfaction as a publication designer when I can work as part of a collaborative team that presents readers with the information they’re looking for, and does it in a creative and supportive way that makes the content easily accessible. I’m pleased with the results, and look forward to working with the ADDitude staff on this fun and important publication.

SPD-U: Five Questions for Jason Sfetko, Deputy Art Director, The New York Times Magazine

19 May

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_JasonSfetko_PortraitThe latest post in my Five Questions for… blog series for SPD-U, profiles Deputy Art Director of The New York Times Magazine, Jason Sfetko. Jason is, an RIT grad, who has worked at some of the top magazines in the industry.

“Make sure you are passionate about what you do.”—Jason Sfetko

SPD-U: Five Questions for…

14 May


Just what do magazine makers do, and why do people want to make magazines? I’ve been editing a blog series on careers in publication design for SPD-U, the Student Outreach arm of the Society of Publication Designers, where you can find the answers. We’re building a diverse group of pros who, by answering the same set of five questions, shed light on many of the potential careers in the industry. In their own words, some of the top creatives in the business, like Andrea Dunham of People, and Don Kinsella of Men’s Health, explain why they do what they do, and give advice to anyone who wants to do it, too. Check out Five Questions for… to get invaluable advice, from them, and others, and to see some of their excellent work.

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The Series to Date
Todd Weinberger
Todd Weinberger
Creative Director
John Walker, UX Professional
John Walker
UX Professional
Stanley Collado, Art Production Aide
Stanley Collado
Art Production Aide
Nicole Zigmont, Designer
Nicole Zigmont
Gabrielle Revere, Photographer
Gabrielle Revere
James Reyman, Principal/Creative Director
James Reyman
Creative Director
Cara Reynoso, Associate Art Director
Cara Reynoso
Associate Art Director
Sue Swenson, Production Director
Sue Swenson
Production Director
Edel Rodriguez, Illustrator
Edel Rodriguez
Linda Tran Tutovan, Deputy Art Director - Digital
Linda Tran Tutovan
Deputy Art Director – Digital
Pete Sucheski, Deputy Art Director and Freelance Illustrator
Pete Sucheski
Deputy Art Director and
Freelance Illustrator
Tracey Woods, Associate Photo Editor
Tracey Woods
Photo Editor
Glen J. Karpowich, Senior Designer
Glen J. Karpowich
Senior Designer
Andrea Dunham, Creative Director
Andrea Dunham
Creative Director
Randi Brookman Harris Prop Stylist / Creative Director
Randi Brookman Harris
Prop Stylist/
Creative Director
Heather Jones, Information Graphics Designer
Heather Jones
Information Graphics Designer
Don Kinsella, Deputy Director of Photography
Don Kinsella
Deputy Director of Photography
Victor Williams, Art Director
Victor Williams
Art Director
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